If your heart is burning to see people healed and delivered and you want to gain experience in Christian ministry, then an internship might be for you.

A Christian ministry training programme like no other.
Are you ready?


We all reach a point in life and wonder, “what’s next?” Whether you’re just finishing college or just starting to retire, there can come a time when we find ourselves asking, “God, where do You want me now?” The good news is that you are not alone in asking this! The truth is that the track is already set out in front of us and many have already found their way around the course. How? By focusing on Jesus! He authored your faith and He will finish what He has already started. Your life is a wonderful, unique story and God knows what’s written in your next chapter. So, are you ready to turn the page?



We want to see you thrive in your Christian walk and help you reach your full potential. This is why we encourage you to consider spending a season of your life with our team. The internship will be a chance for you to explore your God-given gifts and abilities as you apply yourself to the work of our ministry. We exist to share the whole Gospel message of salvation, healing and wholeness through Jesus and we have been doing this for over thirty years. 2017 is a year of new opportunities as we grow into a new building and prepare for new adventures as we serve together.


Nothing is too difficult for almighty God! It is our hope that interns will come to know the power of having a real relationship with the living Lord, that they will be equipped to serve the King effectively and that they will be ready to live here and now as mighty men and women of faith. As you get to grips with scripture and fortify your own prayer life, you too can be in faith to see others get set free and delivered in the name of Jesus.

So read on… and if our internship sounds good to you then buckle down and prepare yourself for a powerful, God-fueled life!


The disciples received instruction on how to minister (Luke 9) and they were known for their power because they spent time with Jesus (Acts 4:13). On this unique course, learn what Jesus did for you at the Cross and find out what it really means to be saved, healed and made whole. Get equipped with foundational teaching that can be applied in your personal life and get prepared to minister God’s powerful message of healing and wholeness to others.

This course is delivered through group seminars which run twice a week for three months. These sessions cover important topics whilst following a progressive framework through the term. Course units include teaching on knowing God intimately, an introduction to Christian ministry, physical and inner healing, deliverance and much more. All course learning is founded in the Word of God and scripture forms the basis of our course manual.

Group discussion, guest speakers, case studies and wider reading also form a part of the training programme. You will even get the chance to visit some sites of Christian heritage as we journey out of the classroom for some fun day trips.


Get stuck in behind the scenes and gain valuable hands-on experience in a Christian organisation.


Develop your organisation, communication and IT skills by working alongside our friendly team. Handle projects related to ministry support and get involved at our events.


Learn how to care for God’s people and help others grow in their relationship with God. Discover how to apply Biblical advice, prayer ministry, sermon preparation and much more.


Get experience in digital media, graphics design and editing, web and email development and social networking. Find your way around new software and help us develop better online solutions.


See what it takes to run a Christian bookstore online and at our events. Help manage catalogues, stock control, trending resources and customer relations.


Join us at our ministry offices in the heart of Awbridge, Hampshire (20 minutes from Southampton).


  • A 3 month Biblical ministry training programme
  • The opportunity to explore your gifts and grow in your spiritual walk
  • Unique insight into the ministry’s operations and hands-on training
  • A chance to develop your CV and gain work experience
  • Personal discipleship and support
  • Resource discounts and optional day trips


£300.00 per term for students, unemployed, retired, sickness benefits

£450.00 per term for those in employment

This includes all aspects of the internship and training programme. Optional day trips are also available.



Whole year internships may also be available and you are able to select multiple terms on the application form.


A Christian home sponsor may be available to accommodate you for the duration of your internship. Please just ask if you would like to know more.


Why should I take an internship with Sozo Ministries International?

This is perhaps the most important question! You have a unique opportunity to come and join us in our mission to share the whole message of the Gospel with the world. We are an organisation with over thirty years of experience in Christian ministry and we offer a large amount of teaching on what it means to be saved, healed and made whole. Our internship draws on these years of experience and incorporates the Biblical teaching that has seen many captives get set free. Come and learn how to walk in the full counsel of God, learn to minister and learn how to fulfill the great commission of Jesus.

What does the internship actually involve?

A training programme
There are 5 main teaching units which include teaching on: knowing God intimately, Christian ministry, the whole message of the Gospel, healing, deliverance, personal preparation, worship and much more. As part of a team, you will engage in applying your learning in real, practical ways.

Project based work experience
You will be able to choose what area of work experience you would like to focus on. Currently, the areas of work experience you can choose from are pastoral application, ministry administration, online/media, bookshop.

How do I learn?

Seminars – a series of teaching sessions founded on the Word of God will impart the majority of course information. These seminare will cover important units and will follow a progressive framework through the term. Group discussion, case studies and some complementary reading will also be used.

Meetings and conferences – as part of this programme, interns are expected to commit to our meetings and conferences. This will provide you with regular opportunites to apply your learning and see what ministry looks like in operation.

Short trips – there will be a chance to visit notable sites of English Christian heritage where you can learn about the revivals and our rich history of evangelists, missionaries, songwriters and servants of Jesus.​

Will I be able to be involved in ministry as I train?

Yes! You will be able to work alongside our team at regular Sunday healing meetings, at our conferences and at our other events. There will be opportunities for you to apply what you are learning by praying with others and by engaging in “hands-on” work.

Do you teach psychology?

We are aware that many churches attempt to mix the Word of God with psychology. But we believe that our Father has already given us everything we need for today in the Bible (2 Tim 3:16-17). We draw all teaching content from the Word and we do not incorporate any form of psychology.

Are there any tests?

You will qualify in this programme by displaying full attendance, interaction, involvement and by successfully completing a small number of set assignments.

Assignments – these pieces of work are not graded but are instead assessed on the basis of pass or fail. Don’t worry, these are not exams and they are designed to be as stress-free as possible!

What do I get when I complete the internship?

Besides the Biblical training, the discipleship and all the other amazing benefits that come from being an intern with us, you’ll also be awarded with a certificate of completion at one of our events. Additionally, you’ll benefit from the ongoing support of our ministry.



Due to visa constraints, only people from certain countries can apply at this time.

You can apply using the online form which takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete or download it and send us a completed copy.


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